a free, fully-functional evaluation version! is available as a fully-functional evaluation version. All the functionality, speed and elegance of the software is there, only a license reminder occurs on each frame exported by And if you would like to purchase the full package, just visit the web site to purchase a full license of

Smartphone installer package - 1.0 for Symbian Series 60, 3rd Edition

PC installer package - Windows driver 1.0 for Windows 2000/XP/Vista

See the  System Requirements page for supported phones and PC operating systems.

Installing the software

1. Download the phone installer package

Click here to download the latest Symbian OS installer package for

After downloading the software, please transfer the installation package to your phone (typically via Bluetooth or USB cable) and install the software.

2. Configure the WLAN connection

The phone supports the infrastructure-mode (connection via a WLAN access point) or the ad-hoc mode (direct WLAN connection to a PC). If a WLAN access point is available, the infrastructure mode is recommended for optimum performance and stability.

After installing on the phone, a WLAN access point is automatically configured with the following default parameters:

  • WLAN network name: TrendCam
  • Network status: public
  • WLAN network mode: Ad-hoc
  • WLAN security mode: WEP
    • WEP key in use: #1
    • Authentication type: Open
    • WEP encryption: 128 bits (13 characters)
    • WEP key format: ASCII
    • WEP key: TrendCam12345

This default configuration on the phone would require the appropriate WLAN configuration on your local PC:

  • WLAN network name (SSID): TrendCam
  • WLAN mode: Ad-hoc network
  • Network authentication type: Open
  • WLAN security mode: WEP
  • WEP network key: TrendCam12345

For security reasons it's strongly recommend to change the default network name (SSID) and WEP network key to your own personal settings.

3. Start using

After completing the WLAN configuration, please follow these steps to use

  • Start on your phone
  • Initiate the WLAN connection with the menu "Connect" on the phone
  • Then start your standard web browser on your PC and enter the URL displayed on the phone to visualize

4. For the PC please download (optional)

If you want to use in combination with your Instant Messaging application, please download and install the Windows driver installer Package for Windows XP.

After completing the installation on your PC, a new application icon called Settings is available on your Windows desktop. When starting Settings a small dialog appears. There, you can enter the URL displayed on the phone, after connecting via WLAN.

After entering the URL in Settings, you can configure your instant messaging applications to use as a webcam.

Additional Tools

The following tools have proven to work very well together with

Mozilla Firefox

A modern web browser which enables you to watch the MJPEG stream from your mobile phone with the best performance possible.


Use to add video to your Skype calls.

Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger)

Add video to your IM conversation with