Webcam and Screencam for Smartphones is the first name in Mobile Screen and Camera recording!

Use as a Webcam
Use as a Webcam

Have you ever wanted to use your mobile phone as a webcam or have you ever wanted to show the screen of your mobile phone on your PC? is the answer!


Use as a Screencam
Use as a Screencam


Giving you a virtual screen capturer for recording everything on your mobile phone screen or on your mobile phone camera, only has it all. provides ease-of-use, high performance export through the Wireless LAN interface of your mobile phone, all combined with the ability to share these live images with several users using standard formats and standard applications like Web Browsers or Instant Messaging applications.

View in the web browser
Use to present mobile applications Functionality provides two major functionalities for your Wireless LAN Smartphone:

  • Webcam
    Use your mobile phone camera as a web-accessible network camera
  • Screencam
    Capture the complete screen of your mobile phone and share it with others offers two possibilities to share live images via Wireless LAN:

  • A standard Web Browser displaying live images on any local or remote computer on the network without installing any additional specific software on the computer.
  • The Windows driver installed on a PC. This driver offers a standard video input device on the PC accessible by Instant Messaging applications or any other video imaging software.